Pokemon Go: Brand reviving done right

In recent days, Nintendo has scored big with two releases that play heavily into the nostalgia of tech users and gamers worldwide: the Pokemon Go app and the announcement of a revamped Nintendo NES that will go on sale in November. In both cases (a bit more so on the Pokemon side) fans received the news with great enthusiasm and flocked to get their hands on these products. Read more

Brand communication during tragedy: 5 essential tips for authentic messages

Every once in a while, a big tragedy (be it natural, or human caused) touches our hearts and even shakes us to the core of our existence. On June 12, the world condemned the attack on a LGBT+ nightclub in Orlando, Fl. which caused the death of over 50 people, just in the middle of Pride month. Many brands expressed their condolences and messages of support for the LGBT+ community and the city of Orlando.

Read more

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