January 30, 2018 Edgar Guillen

No more excuses. Your business needs a marketing funnel. Here’s why.


We live in an era where it’s easier than ever to reach out to potential customers. But as we all know, the competition is rough. It’s a crowded field, so how do YOU come out on top? Well, we happen to have the answer! Creating a solid marketing funnel that takes your customer through your buyer’s journey and beyond is definitely the way to go.

This year, it’s all about creating results-oriented funnels! And today, we want to teach you the main reasons to have one in the first place, and how the effort you put into making it is worth it.

Sounds great? Follow us down the funnel:


Different customers have different needs at different moments

Picture this: you’re thinking of going vegetarian. Meatless Mondays are stealing your heart and you’re curious about taking it to the next level. What’s your starting point?

Are you ditching all types of meat, or sticking to some? Will you say bye bye to all products based on animals? Did you try to be vegetarian in the past, but struggled with the lack of proteins?

Depending on where you are, your search terms in Google and other places will be radically different. A former vegetarian doesn’t need to know the basic reasons why red meat is the devil. A newbie will feel overwhelmed by a company trying to sell them protein substitutes right away.

Instead, your funnel should provide content that touches on as many buyer personas’ needs as you can. Give valuable content with the right proportion between educating your lead, helping them tackle related issues, and advising them on how your product is the best solution for them.

A funnel will help you create a bond with your leads

Confession time: we’re addicted to numbers.

Sometimes, it might happen that we get so caught up in reaching the right numeric milestones in our marketing efforts that we forget that, at the core, this is a game of emotions. Knowing how to handle these emotions is the most direct way towards the KPIs we want to have.

At every stage of the funnel, the lead experiences a different set of emotions. In the beginning, they feel confused and worried about their issue. Later on, they may have some anxiety about making the right selection. Right before the sale, they may need a little push towards the Yes you both want.

When crafting your funnel, you need to be in tune with how your persona feels at each point in the sales process. Be empathetic and show that you understand their pain points. Once you do this, you’ll build a stronger bond with your lead, instead of using salesy language from the get-go.

It optimizes your marketing and sales efforts

We’d like to think that the days of picking up the phone book and calling random leads to offer a product they may not care about in are in the past. Unfortunately, this isn’t true.

Think about this: What if all that time spent blindly chasing people were used to build a targeted funnel that brings the right ones to you? You’ll make better use of your team’s time, and they can focus more on nurturing leads and maintaining a strong bond with customers after the sale.

The extra time you’ll invest on creating and updating the funnel will pay off with more of the right kind of leads and less duds. Plus, you’ll gain back an extra hour or two that you’d have otherwise wasted on busywork, and that’s always great, right?

It makes you a well-rounded expert in your niche

The final reason why it’s important for you to have a well-crafted funnel is about you. To gain your potential customers’ trust, having a good product is not enough. First, show them the expertise and the authority you have over your niche and then present your unique offer.

Through each element of your funnel (emails, blog posts, chatbots, CRM, etc.), the goal is to establish your brand as the expert your lead can trust. Thus, fill your funnel with quality, valuable material and, to maintain your position as an expert, make sure to update it often.

It’s a virtuous cycle: being a proven expert will get you more leads → more income → more recommendations → your niche profile keeps growing.

Are you ready to make your brand an expert in its field? Contact us, and we can help you build the funnel that will get you there.


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