July 28, 2016 Samuel Klein

The Game of Communications Trends during the Olympics

The Olympic Games are the ultimate test of strength, courage and determination for athletes worldwide. Every four years, millions of viewers tune in to root for their country’s finest sportsmen and women. As always, when it comes to major sports events, brands are focused on using today’s hottest tech tools to connect with fans in the name of sportsmanship.


If London 2012 were the Games of Facebook and Twitter, Rio 2016 is expected to bring the latest communications technology to make us feel as if we were there, next to the athletes. Days away from the big event, we have chosen the biggest communications trends ready to make a 10-score-worthy splash during the Games:


Video is everything

Live video platforms are going to be the biggest winners on these Olympics. Facebook Live and Periscope are the two preferred streaming platforms, for their immediate connection with big players Facebook and Twitter. Considering how strict is the IOC (International Olympics Committee) in regards to their media rights, don’t expect these two to become an alternative to watching the action on their authorized broadcast media. Instead, they’ll provide more of an opportunity to analyze the athletes’ performances and to get to know them better outside the field.


Virtual reality

Major broadcast media players like BBC and NBC (exclusively via Samsung devices) have announced they will use 360° virtual reality as part of their Olympic media coverage. With the click of a mouse, or just by gyrating our smartphone, we can choose from which angle we get to see the action.


Another use of VR we could expect to see is one that allows us to experience the games from the point of view of the athletes or of the lucky attendants. Visa launched a short video in 360°, showing us the many possibilities that VR can bring. Just make sure not to get too dizzy, if you’re watching from the point of view of a gymnast or a diver.


Recap with Gifs

The pixelated rise of Gifs continue, and as in other major sports tournaments, it will play a key role in the Olympics, immortalizing epic plays, relatable reactions and those quirky shareable things that make the games human. London 2012 brought us McKayla Maroney’s famous scowl, what will Rio 2016 deliver?


The Game of Communications Trends during the Olympics 2
Platforms and apps like Giphy and Gif Keyboard, and Twitter’s own Gif search feature will make it even easier to instantly share moments like this to our followers, increasing their virality in seconds.


Tropical snapping

Snapchat is definitely on the rise with brands and teams, and the Olympic games will be no exception. We expect to see snippets of life inside the Olympic environment from major players, who will surely appreciate getting short video cheers from fans around the world. In addition, the rise of geofilters and sponsored lenses add flair and give a unique touch to our snaps.


At the end of the day, athletes aren’t the only one competing for glory in the Summer Olympics. Brands of all sizes and shapes are looking to succeed in their own marketing strategies to engage customers and viewers around the world. Taking advantage of the latest communications trends is key for standing out from the competition and winning the gold medal, not only in sales, but also in virality and customer connection.


Tell us in the comments, is there another trend you expect to see during the Olympic Games?

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