Our Do’s and Don’ts of Running your First Webinar


In recent years, webinars have become a vital part of a good marketing strategy plan. If you want to build your brand’s authority in the eyes of your leads and customers, this is a great way to show them your expertise.

By presenting yourself to them through an interactive channel, you’ll connect with your viewers. This will give you valuable (and free!) data to deepen your buyer persona and fine tune your product.

We started working with webinars last year, helping several of our clients to embrace them as a connection tool and as a qualified lead generator. Over time, it has led to higher reported sales and greater engagement, especially client contact.

Today, we’ll share with you the most critical elements to consider when planning an upcoming webinar for yourself or a client. If you overlook any of these points, it could kill even the best efforts, so be sure to take note of each one!

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