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It’s time for your weekly marketing news report with Motion Avenue!

This week, Google and its I/O Conference were filled with announcements about future releases soon and not-so-soon. Not to be outdone, Facebook demands our continued excitement with EVEN MORE CHANGE! Let’s get to the latest updates.

Google Announces Everything will be AI

At the I/O conference, Google showcased a variety of AI-powered products it will launch in the short- to mid-term, as well as yet another Android phone! There were actually some meaningfully new announcements about Google’s continued AI development, including more responsible algorithm development and Project Euphonia, which seeks to assist people with speech impairments.

Learn more about these and others Google announcements here:

Facebook Will Be Sort Of Completely Different!

Don’t worry, Facebook will fix the thing you’re angry at! Wait, you want more of something? OK. The social media giant has declared that it will redesign its app to emphasize two user favorites: Events and Groups. By “emphasize,” they mean “generally have fewer other features.” The streamlined design and user experience is intended to put “communities data at the center.”

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Instagram “Shop From Creators” Update

Instagram has invested a lot of effort into same-page shopping, but somehow, every photo on the platform doesn’t include an option to purchase. Instagram is handing influencers the shop keys, now: the “shop from creators” option will allow creators to tag a product on their photos so their followers can buy it on the spot!

This also means we can continue hearing theories about influencer markets for at least the next two years- but by then, we’ll all be too old for them anyway.

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Messenger Makeover

The Facebook experience might start emphasizing fewer features, but Messenger is at the other end of its lifecycle, and still has room to pile on features for people to love and hate. Messenger is getting an update with Project LightSpeed, which seeks to launch Messenger with full features, at less than 30 MB, with a watch together option, which will allow you and your friends to watch videos at the same time in the chat.

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That’s it for this week! We look forward to seeing you next week to continue sharing the most relevant news from the marketing industry.


Marketing Updates With Motion Ave

Welcome to your digest of the most relevant marketing news of the week! This week, even Mark Zuckerberg gave us something to talk about. Learn more below!

Instagram to Hide its True Feelings?

Invisible likes now could be a reality. According to sources, Instagram would be testing a new feature to hide the number of a post’s likes from followers. The idea is to encourage audiences to focus on the content an account shares, and not on the likes of a publication.

Here’s the rest of the story:

Some Guy Named Mark Launches Podcast

In his New Year’s resolution, Mark Zuckerberg decided that in 2019 he wanted to address issues related to technology and its place in society, and to reboot Farmville with “corn-focused microtransactions.” One of those statements is (probably) true. As evidence, Zuckerburg’s new podcast “Tech and Society”. Do you think this will begin to mend the reputation of the technology giant? Is it a purely cynical public relations move, or do you think “Tech and Society” has the potential to start meaningful conversations about issues that platforms like Facebook represent?

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“Alexa, Watch Your Back.” Facebook Developing AI Digital Voice Assistant

Facebook has confirmed that is working on an artificial intelligence-based digital voice assistant. This new technology would focus specifically on their AR/VR products including Portal and Oculus. Currently, Facebook expressly states that this project, which is still in early development, is not intended to compete directly with smart speakers like Alexa or Google Assistant. However, they said it while the assistant wasn’t listening, so who knows what it’ll ultimately do?

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Take a Byte Out of Vine (sorry)

Miss Vine? Wow, really? Well, good news..? It’ll be back soon! The video app has been rebooted and would now return with a brand new name: Byte. Although It’s still a short-form video app, Byte now promises to be less alienating to older audiences almost everyone. And not sell children’s personal information.

Read all about it here:

That’s this week’s news in social media marketing! Stay tuned for more updates next week!

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