Need a Map for Rebranding? Follow These Five Key Steps



We’re back!!

After a few months of radio silence, we’re finally ready to bring back our A-game and keep the conversation going on all things digital marketing. But we didn’t spend the last months hidden in the shadows with our arms folded.

Instead, we’ve been working like busy bees in our own rebranding.

Now, from reading about rebranding and taking all that information into practice, we realized that there isn’t a single magical formula to guarantee that our new face will be an immediate success. It takes months of deep thinking, planning, and executing to get it out there, so marketers shouldn’t take it lightly.

We’re proud and happy with our work, and hope you will be too in the coming weeks, but it is a doozy!

Rebranding requires investing time, money, and brain juice that, if carried out well, can take your brand to the next level. But on the other hand, even if it’s planned, researched, and tested to perfection, rebranding can be a gamble.

We’ve seen far too many examples of companies with rebranding strategies that were rejected by the very audience they were looking to charm. Changing up your brand can’t save you from a terrible sales quarter or from a mediocre product.

So, before you tear out your old image and start painting the new one, make sure you have two things:

  • A good team ready to make it happen.
  • A clear gameplan.

Got those? Then you’re ready to start!

In this post, we want to share with you the five key elements for a successful rebranding process. If you’re in the middle of it, we hope they can serve as inspiration to keep going. If you’re not ready yet, don’t be scared and read on. Knowledge is power after all!

Ready for our tips? Read on!

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