Oye! Why You Shouldn’t Ignore the Hispanic Market in The U.S.


It’s not a secret that we at Motion Ave. have plenty of sangre latina in our veins. I mean, come on, my name’s María.

Something else that’s not a secret is that the Hispanic market has grown like crazy in recent years. According to data from the U.S. Census, in 2017 there are 57.5 million of Hispanics in the country, a number that’s expected to grow by more than 100% by 2060. This means that by then, a third of the U.S. population will be of Hispanic descent!

As a community, they’re not waiting around to make their influence known in marketing and other areas. In fact, the hispanic vote is followed very closely as a deciding force in all significant electoral campaigns. The U.S. Census estimates that around 12 million Hispanics voted in 2016’s presidential elections, which is 47% of all Hispanics over 18 years of age.

But, let’s not talk about politics today. Let’s focus on marketing.

Considering these facts, we’re surprised (and a little disappointed) to find that few brands are coming up with customized strategies for the Hispanic market. Even if there has been a steady push towards diversity in media and advertising, there’s still a lot of work to do. According to a CNN report, in 2013, only 6% of all advertising budgets were allocated to the Latin market.

We want this to change for 2018. And we want to help you do it.

So, for today’s post, we’ll focus on the three reasons why you need to have a strategy in place for the Hispanic market.

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