4 Things You Need to Optimize in Your Facebook Ads Campaign Now

4 Things You Need to Optimize in Your Facebook Ads Campaign Now

We bet this has happened to you: Your team prepares (what you consider to be) a stellar Facebook ads campaign. You upload it to your ad platform of choice and, once it’s approved, set it to start running ASAP.

Then, you sit down and wait for the ROI to come… but nothing happens. In desperation, you prepare to spend more money to practically force your message down the throats of every member of your target audience. You want the clicks, and you want them now!

If this is you, calm down. Spend that money on a soothing cup of tea instead, and open your ad analytics before doing anything else. You’re more likely to find the culprit here than in your credit card bill. The real secret to winning campaigns doesn’t lie in getting everything right the first try: it’s about continually optimizing each element to ensure you’ll keep getting the ROI you want.

Let’s get real, gone are the days in which a single ad could run for a long time and still get the revenues your brand hoped for. Our audience’s tastes, digital hangouts and channels change quickly; if you want your message to get across, you should stay at least a half step ahead.

The best way to do so isn’t by setting your campaign, forgetting it and waiting for a shower of dollar bills.

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Instead, you need to take out your ad toolbox and optimize, optimize, optimize.

In the past few months, we’ve become obsessed with optimizing our ad campaigns for our clients. It’s a bit of extra work but it has taught us a lot as marketers, increased our brand’s sales and helped us embrace our inner scientist. This is also a tactic you can also use for any email sales/engagement campaigns you’re running.

Today, we’ll show you the four most important elements you need to tweak regularly in your Facebook ads campaign. Spending some time on these elements will get you one step closer to your goals and help you grow as an ad creator.

Are you ready for some tweaks? Read on!

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