Six E-Mail Marketing Mistakes to Avoid at All Costs


In my mother tongue, Spanish, there’s a tough loving but wise saying. I’ll do my best to translate it without butchering it:

“Uno no nace aprendido”

It translates to: a person isn’t born having learned everything.

And if there’s a field where I’ve seen this in action has been in all things e-mail marketing.

Whomever claimed that e-mail marketing was dead must be biting their tongue very hard right now. It has become a crucial tool to develop and maintain a strong relationship with leads and contacts, by sharing regular information that’s relevant for their needs and their stage in the customer lifecycle.

Now, here’s the thing: in order for your e-mail strategy to work, you need to be a quick learner on the what’s effective and what isn’t.

And, even though this field is also in constant evolution, just as every area of content marketing, there are basic details you must take care of, such as: your e-mail subject, its content and how to distribute it, among others. Many marketers run the risk of being too concerned about adapting the hottest tool that will guarantee more opens, without paying attention to the substance of the content.

Today, I’ll tell you about the six worst mistakes you must avoid with your e-mails and why they’re so toxic for your marketing efforts.

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