The Recipe for Creating Awesome Buyer Personas [Infographic]

Buyer Personas are a crucial component of every digital marketing strategy; they’re essential to better understanding your target market and tailoring your content and products to their needs.

All of this translates into reaching the right people to drive traffic, generate leads, and close deals. But how do you create fantastic personas?

Creating good Buyer Personas doesn’t seem like an easy task, but crafting them well is like cooking a perfect meal: get the right ingredients, follow the recipe, and voilà. We’d like to share our recipe for awesome Buyer Personas for every business.

Create Amazing Buyer PersonaCreate Amazing Buyer PersonaCreate Buyer PersonaCreate Amazing Buyer Persona Create Amazing Buyer Personas with Infographics




Singlegrain: How to develop Buyer Persona
Singlegrain: Science building Buyer Persona

Three Things You Must Have in Your Content Marketing Strategy for 2017

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We’re a month into 2017, and many of us are working hard to put our content marketing strategy for this year in action. Some of us are still enthusiastic to achieve great results, others might be struggling for breath, and there’s even a small group that hasn’t planned anything yet! 

If you’re part of the last group, don’t worry, we won’t tell anyone. But we will tell you that this is the perfect time to get started. Why? Because of these three things:

  1. We still have fresh memories of most of our victories and lessons from 2016.
  2. We have already gotten the ball rolling on 2017: interacting with our audience, reaching out to our clients, etc.
  3. We’re in time to turn things around if we’re off to a rough start.

You may already have some ideas of what needs to be part of your digital strategy for 2017, especially when it comes to industry-specific goals, but make sure you make some space for these three items so you can stay on top of the game.
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