Get Ready for These Four Awesome and Scary Applications of AI in Marketing



It seems it was a few years ago when I marveled at the epic inventions featured in shows and movies like The Jetsons and Back to the Future. Being a 7-year old in the 90s, I thought that most of them would be real by the time I was 30, far from now.

Well, now I am that age and, even though legit hoverboards and flying cars are still out of reach, many of the gadgets showed as fantasy are very much a reality nowadays, or are closer to become such.

I can certainly say though that the most important technological upgrade of the past couple of years isn’t even tangible on its own, but it surrounds us in everything we do, making our life easier and knowing us in unimaginable ways. I’m not talking about the iPhone; I’m talking about AI.

Without us noticing it, AI has crept into our lives and into almost everything we do. This means that us marketers need to be aware of the latest trends around it and learn how to optimize our current strategies around them. Why? Because the evolution of technology is faster than ever, and even if we live in the most remote location ever and some of these items sound like science fiction, they’re real, and they’re affecting your brand’s marketing efforts right now.

It’s closely linked to the concept of MarTech, which is the inevitable marriage between marketing and technology. It covers almost an infinite sea of areas in the digital world: from content, to social media, relationship building and, of course, data management.

Today, I want to show you four of the most incredible applications of AI in marketing that can really change your game. Remember, this is not the future, this is happening NOW, so start looking into ways to take advantage of them.

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