The Game of Communications Trends during the Olympics

The Olympic Games are the ultimate test of strength, courage and determination for athletes worldwide. Every four years, millions of viewers tune in to root for their country’s finest sportsmen and women. As always, when it comes to major sports events, brands are focused on using today’s hottest tech tools to connect with fans in the name of sportsmanship. Read more

Get the conversation going with chatbots

2016 is the year of chatbots?


Even though they have been around for many years, in sites such as Cleverbot, 2016 is the year of the chatbot. There seems to be a bot for everything these days: from customer support and virtual assistant, to contesting parking tickets and even for Catholic prayers. Chatbot startups continue to pop up by the dozen, and, as always, big brands are jumping on the trend as well. Read more

Emojis: Making marketing fun, one 😂 at a time

Emojis, those lovely yellow Unicode fellas, have evolved from being the perfect complement for our text or Whatsapp message, to becoming the hottest tool to catch the eyes of Millennials and Generation Z everywhere. It’s simple to see why: they’re simple, universally understood and can replace words and feelings with a single tap (or many repetitive taps, if get too excited). Read more

Brand communication during tragedy: 5 essential tips for authentic messages

Every once in a while, a big tragedy (be it natural, or human caused) touches our hearts and even shakes us to the core of our existence. On June 12, the world condemned the attack on a LGBT+ nightclub in Orlando, Fl. which caused the death of over 50 people, just in the middle of Pride month. Many brands expressed their condolences and messages of support for the LGBT+ community and the city of Orlando.

Read more

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